Cancellation Policy

Effective as of: 15-10-2019
Last updated on: 30-12-2019
This Cancellation Policy (the “Policy”) is an integral part of the Terms of Use. Both documents complement one another. The Policy shall not be deemed as repealing any provisions of the Terms, including those that are related to a refund.

The matters, which are not governed by this Policy, shall be subject to the relevant provisions of the Terms. In case of any discrepancies between the Policy and the Terms regarding a refund, the terms of the Policy shall prevail unless otherwise is stated in the Policy.

All capitalized terms used in this document shall have the same meanings assigned to them in the Terms.

The Policy applies only to the User’s participation in the Experience that was confirmed according to clause 1.4.2. of the Terms.

Free and partially free cancellation terms

The table below stipulates free or partially free cancellation periods depending on Cancellation Modes applicable to the ordered Experience.

Experience Participant, who ordered the Experience for the third person according to clause 1.4.4. of the Terms, is the only User who may cancel participation for such person.

If cancellation is made outside the time periods specified in the table below, the Experience Participant is not entitled to any refund. This provision does not apply if missing the deadline for free or partially free cancellation was due to the poor operation of the Platform. Please, contact our Customer Support to cope with that issue.

Experience Participant may cancel the participation with a subsequent full refund for up to 3 times per year. If Experience Participant cancels the participation in the fourth Experience and any of the following ones in the current year, the Price paid for the fourth or any of the following Experiences cancelled will not be subject to a refund.

Cancellation Mode 1 Cancellation Mode 2 Cancellation Mode 3 Cancellation Mode 4
Cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the Experience is scheduled to take place Cancellation is made at least 7 full calendar days before the Experience is scheduled to take place Cancellation is made at least 30 full calendar days before the Experience is scheduled to take place
100% of the Price 100% of the Price 100% of the Price No Refund

The table above provides four standard Cancellation Modes which stipulate different cancellation time periods provided by Experience Creator with the appropriate amounts of refunds.

Participation is canceled when the Experience Participant clicks the button confirming cancellation. The Experience Creator immediately receives notification through the Platform on each completed cancellation.

In the event of a partial refund, Groupado charges the 15% from the amount of the sum that is retained due to cancellation and is not refunded to the Experience Participant. The remaining sum after the charge is transferred to the Experience Creator within 14 days (fourteen) days following the date of the cancellation.

If Experience Creator evidences that he or she incurred costs for the preparation of the Experience in the amount exceeding the sum the Experience Creator received due to such cancellation, Groupado may at its own discretion refund a smaller amount than is specified in the table. In such case the refund is calculated as per the following formula: A = X - Y + Z,

where A is the refundable amount that Experience Participant will finally receive upon cancellation,

X is the refundable amount that Experience Participant has to receive according to the Table,

Y is the amount of expenses the Experience Creator incurred while preparing the Experience to be held calculated as per one Experience Participant,

and Z is the final sum that the Experience Creator has to receive due to cancellation according to the table.

To claim a larger sum due to cancellation the Experience Creator should contact our Customer Support and attach supporting documents as soon as the Experience Creator receives the notification of cancellation but not later than the time when a refund is made.

The provisions of this section shall apply without prejudice to clause 8.6. of the Terms.

Refunds and circumstances beyond the control of Experience Participant

Experience Participants are entitled to a full refund (100% of the Price paid) in the following cases:

  1. the Experience Creator canceled the provision of Experience regardless of the reason;
  2. the Experience Participant was not allowed to participate in the Experience at the time when the Experience took place, or the Experience was not arranged and held at all;
  3. it appears that the Experience held is distinctly different from the description given in the Experience Option available on the Platform.

A refund in case of paragraph “a” above is made unconditionally and without any requests to the Experience Participant to send any information or materials for the confirmation of the right for a refund.

In case of paragraph “b” or “c” above, Experience Participant has to submit a complaint through our Customer Support within 24 hours from the scheduled time of the Experience. We may require to submit relevant evidences or to take other actions that will help us to make a decision on the justification of the request. Experience Creators may submit their explanations or objections to the complaint.

We at our sole discretion may agree to make a full refund to Experience Participant or to reject in granting a refund. We will inform the Experience Participant about our decision on the outcome of the consideration of his or her complaint and will take appropriate actions.

The provisions of this section shall supersede the terms of the Cancellation Mode chosen by the Experience Creator.

General Provisions

All the refunds are paid to Experience Participants as a one-time payment within 30 (thirty) days following the day in which a reason for a refund arose (e.g. cancellation, termination etc.), including those that are provided in the Terms. We will transfer the sums to the payment account linked with the Experience Participant’s user account.

All transaction fees, commissions, exchange costs or any other fees charged by payment provider or designated bank during refunds are paid by the Experience Participant as receiving party. In case of currency conversion, the exchange rate will be determined in accordance with the rates set by the payment platform or the bank of the receiving Party on the day of transaction.

This Policy shall not constitute any insurance or any other financial service relationships.

We reserve the right to modify or to terminate any part of the Policy at any time at our sole discretion. You will be notified in advance before these amendments come into force.

If you have any questions regarding cancellation or refund, please contact our Customer Support at

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